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 Welcome to our farm!
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K.Olson Farms is proud to serve our customers with exceptional service!
You will find that our natural beef, feed, and quality custom farming is second to none.


Here at K.Olson Farms we have a very specific breeding program designed to give you, the customer, the best possible beef available. You will not find any extra colors or additives in our meat, it just simply doesn't need any. We allow our meat to age up to 21 days which really brings out that great taste! Store bought beef will not come close to our products, no matter how much you pay. 

There are many things that go into making our beef outstanding, so here are a few of the big ones:

  1. Genetics-  Our superior genetics make sure that your meat has that tender, deep wonderful flavor all throughout, that we call marbling. Marbling is little flecks of fat within the meat muscle. We also ultrasound our animals, which gives us the most accurate measurement of intramuscular fat so that our steaks will melt in your mouth!



    Feed- We raise our feed here on our property around us so we know what we are getting to start with. We do not use harsh chemicals for fertilizer on our fields.  Our feed is tested so that we know exactly what the nutrition content of our feed can do for our animals. The equipment we use is the latest and greatest in feed technology and helps us produce an abundant crop.     
  3. Management- This is another key thing that separates us from the others. Our farms are run by us, and we do it well! We care about our animals and it shows in the product we offer. We have a low stress operation and try to utilize the latest techniques in cattle managment.  




Give us a call or shoot us an email. We love nothing more than to hear from  you!


Why buy our products?

 We have repeat customers that have told us our beef is some of the best they have ever had! It is truly amazing how much money our customers save when they buy from the source.
Save money, save time, and eat healthy!

We have natural beef on our farm. We use no growth hormones and our cattle eat feed that is pesticide free and natural. This goes as well with our feed. Your families' health is never something to bet on. With grocery store bought products you have no idea what kinds of growth hormones and antibiotics are used. 
K.Olson Farms
42827 282nd AVE SE
Enumclaw WA, 98022